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3" Dying Shad

Game fish love an easy meal.

2" Small Fry

This one is primarily made for casting.

2" Helpless Size Crappie

While Supplies Last!

2-7/8" Hellgrammite

NEW! Great for rivers and streams

2" Pee Wee

This is a must try lure.

International Distributor

Customers in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe can save on postage by ordering through our Interational Distributor, Viktor M. Gavrishov.

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Gitzit Tubes

Gitzit Tubes are excellent for fishing clear or muddy water and can be used in all seasons.  They can be fished in depths from top water to 50, 80, 100 feet deep. This lure is used on structure when targeting bass. It's designed primarily to be used as a drop bait.  You cannot always feel the bite, often fish will take the fish on the fall. Gitzit fishermen who are line watchers will achieve greater success.  Use a spinning reel on a 6 1/2-7 foot medium action rod for best results.  None of these things are absolutes because of the wide variety of fish caught and the seasons in which they are caught.  There are constant adjustments to fishing conditions.

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