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The New Bait Saver

The New Bait Saver

Successful Lures

Successful Lures


Gitzit in The Top Ten

Gitzit in The Top Ten


  • The New Bait Saver

    The New Bait Saver

  • Successful Lures

    Successful Lures

  • Gitzit in The Top Ten

    Gitzit in The Top Ten

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Rigging for Shallow Water Fishing

Probably the most common method of rigging a plastic bait and the most familiar to fishermen is the Texas Rig. It is a quick and simple technique to fish one of the top bass lures of all time; the Gitzit Tube. In the original Texas Rig, the tube is rigged on the hook with the point of the hook pinned back into the body of the tube to make it weedless and a bullet weight is used on the line ahead of the hook. In recent years the term Texas Rig has come to mean the weedless method of putting the bait on the hook whether a weight is used or not. Thus, many anglers talk about Texas Rigging a Gitzit on an offset hook to enable them to fish the drop shot around wood and other hook-snagging cover.

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Texas Rigger Hooks :: For Weedless

Fishing The Texas Rig

When you're rigged-up and ready to fish the Texas Rig, look for a bank with fish-holding cover and cast beyond any likely looking spots.

  • Let the rig settle to the bottom and slide, shake, or drag the Gitzit Tube through the area back to the boat or shore.
  • Make sure you keep contact with the bottom, but vary your retrieve including occasionally lifting the rod tip up to about 12:00, which will make the tube come off the bottom and glide several feet before dropping back down.
  • Pretty soon you will discover what the fish want that particular day and you can start boating some poundage.
  • A good rule of thumb is to tune your retrieve speed to the temperature, the cooler the water the slower the retrieve.
  • Keep experimenting and you'll find what they want.

Happy Fishing

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